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Amazing food and hospitalyt place.

Ottoman Palace Kitchen Tastes And Traditional Turkish Cuisine

As well as we are serving Turkish and International special dishes which are most popular in the world Pomegranate flower sherbet, stuffed melon, stuffed vine leaves with sour cherry and levzine are only a few option of ottoman palace cuisine.


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Our History

Divella Bistro Restaurant keeps the forgotten tastes of Ottomans alive where we serve unique and forgotten tastes which were presented between 14th & 18th Century
Please come and experience our friendly service in our relaxed and welcoming atmosphere
Local government's hygiene inspections stated that we are one of the best restaurant in the town
Our highly skilled chef prepares and revives traditional dishes which were served to the Sultans, their families and their guests in our traditional fusion ottoman kitchen
Our food is nurtured and prepared using fruits, corn potatoes and exotic spices to flavour all our freshly prepared food
We serve Turkish Italian and International special dishes which are the most popular in the world
Divella Bistro Restaurant Turks and Ottoman cuisine is behind blue mosque and Hagia Sophia mesuem with capacity of 100 per indoor 50 per garden side
Divella Bistro Restaurant The finest Restaurant in the town


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